Our Work

The websites we develop are primarily for aviation clients. Many of our clients are from our home state of Minnesota.

Minnesota Aviation Hall Of Fame website homepage screenshot

Minnesota Aviation Hall Of Fame

Minnesota Aviation Hall Of Fame was in need of a new website that utilizes a modern CMS (Content Management System). Their old website was hand-coded using HTML which made it hard to update. One of MAHOF’s long term goals is digitizing their archives and making them accessible online. The website we built has an old-school vibe yet has modern capabilities such as an email CRM.

  • "Writing as the former Chairman of the Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame, I would like to recognize the fine work done by Mr. John Chvatal of Trinity Aviation Solutions, LLC in re-imaging and updating our website. It was a pleasure to work with him; he listened carefully to our Board, then incorporated his own ideas to bring our site up to standards of current media needs, giving a new look to our recognized face in the aviation community."

  • Trisoft Aircraft Covers homepage screenshot.

    Trisoft Aircraft Covers

    Trisoft Aircraft Covers manufactures and distributes protection products for commercial, corporate, and military operators. They needed a website that’d serve as an easily updatable digital catalog for their line of products.

  • "Our new website meets our needs (and those of our customers) in a much more elegant way.  Trinity Aviation Solutions was able to create a custom-tailored catalog for our products that is easier to update, easier to search, and displays our MANY product variations in a much more attractive format. Working with John and his team was a great experience - he truly knows the aviation market and the buyer's mindset, and the site was accomplished smoothly with quality work."

  • Wings Of The North restorations page screenshot.

    Wings of the North

    Wings of the North is Minnesota’s premier private not for profit aviation museum. WOTN also organizes and hosts AirExpo, a popular Twin Cities aviation event. Wings of the North needed a website with updated branding. In addition, they needed an online store where they can sell branded merchandise.

  • “The Wings of the North website is going to be very instrumental as we move forward to raising money, telling people what we have going on, and to have people sign up. We are expecting our museum activities to start increasing.”

  • Aviation Sales Training website homepage screenshot.

    Aviation Sales Training

    Aviation Business Consultants International is a well respected aviation marketing agency serving small to medium size aviation companies. ABCI needed an LMS website to manage and deliver their sales and marketing courses to professionals in the aviation industry.

  • "Trinity Aviation Solutions did a great job on AviationSalesTraining.com - beautiful site, quality work, and great service. Highly recommended."