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John Chvatal

John Chvatal

Founder & CEO of Trinity Aviation Solutions LLC

About Trinity Aviation Solutions


Trinity Aviation Solutions LLC was founded by John Chvatal in 2016 to provide aviation businesses, professionals, and nonprofits with digital media services.

John was raised on a private airstrip in Minnesota. He has a particular interest in aviation history, largely due to his dad’s interest in collecting and preserving warbird aircraft.

Gazing Skyward TV was founded in 2013 as an outlet for John to share his passion for aviation history. Since then, John has tried out many different marketing techniques. Based upon his experience with Gazing Skyward TV, he has developed a set of preferred digital media tools that are cross-platform compatible and low-cost.

Many people access news through online portals like Facebook. These online portals have algorithms that can have the negative effect of reinforcing our own beliefs and thus not exposing us to a variety of viewpoints. Many algorithms are tailored to serve up content that the algorithm “feels” you want to see… not what you may need to see to gain a balanced viewpoint. The Flying Cloud was founded to address this concern. John covers this topic in depth in his blog post titled: What We Can Do To Ensure A Bright Future For Aviation Media.

John Chvatal is now offering digital media services which include aviation photography, digital marketing, social media consulting with a specialization in Google+, search engine optimization (SEO), and WordPress web development.

What We Do at Trinity Aviation Solutions

John Chvatal

  • Aviation Photography
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Consulting & Management
  • Specializing in Google+
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • WordPress Web Development

Gazing Skyward TV

  • Online Publisher
  • Aviation Lifestyle Content
  • Aviation Legacy (History) Content
  • Guest Bloggers Welcome
  • Digital Advertising Available
  • Open to Sponsorships

The Flying Cloud

  • Aviation News & Information Aggregator
  • Focusing on the North American Aviation Market
  • Get Your Website Listed
  • Digital Advertising Available
  • Open to Sponsorships

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