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Why Choose Trinity Aviation Solutions?

Aviation companies have many choices to advertise their products and services. While most agree that it’s helpful to have a website, why hire a professional aviation web design agency? Why not use a free or cheap website builder, or get a friend or family member to build a website?

After all, most aviation folks are resourceful, and all things being equal they would really rather spend money recruiting great personnel, having great facilities, and investing in aircraft!

We can give you three good reasons…

Reason One

The Importance of Aviation SEO – Getting Found Online

Many aviation companies say “All of our business comes from word of mouth.”

Fair enough. But even if you’ve heard great things about a company, you’re likely to look them up online to check out the specifics of a company and get their contact information.

Or you might have heard great things about the company but forgot the name.

So, just like people used to do with the good old-fashioned Yellow Pages, they pull out their phone and search for the product or service they need.

And, most people don’t look beyond the first few results.

Some companies used to choose a name like “AAA Plumbing” to show up first in the phone book. It was silly, but it worked.

The modern-day equivalent of the phone book is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Reason Two

The Importance of a Great First Impression

My friend Jim is very particular about who works on his airplane and who flies with his family and friends.

When he’s considering getting work done on his plane, or considering a flight instructor or pilot for his friends or family, he notices a lot about his surroundings and unconsciously notices professionalism (or the lack of it!)

When he walks into a maintenance hangar, he might find that the immediate work area might be a mess, but it’s an organized mess. It looks like someone spends a LOT of time in that hangar. The tools that are not currently in use are spotless and are organized with military precision. There’s a Snap-On calendar on the wall, with lots of appointments from people he knows and respects. There are before and after snapshots of work this person is proud of. There’s an American flag on the wall.

When he talks to the technician, he finds them friendly and knowledgeable. They are open about work they’ve done and the qualifications they’ve earned without bragging or being obnoxious. They are easy to understand and talk with.

This is the kind of place he feels comfortable bringing his airplane.

Reason Three

The Importance of Functionality

A great aviation website should load fast, be secure from hacking, and easy to use. It should provide several convenient methods for people to get in touch with you, and several reasons for them to call or write about their needs.

It should answer their questions and provide all of the information people need to feel comfortable picking up the phone or sending you an email.

It used to be that if your company was difficult to work with, someone would have to drive to another facility on the airfield (or the next airport over.) At least they’d have to go back to the phone book and find the number to go to a competitor.

But now, all of your competitors are just a click or two away. If people get frustrated when they can’t find information on your website, they just click away and find a site that makes them feel like “this is a company that’s got its act together!”

Functionality depends on great aviation web hosting, and effective aviation website development.

So, how important are these three reasons to you?

Your company may be losing customers you deserve to competitors that have better websites that:

  • Are easier to find when people look for “flight training” or “Bonanza annual inspection” on their phone, iPad or computer.
  • Provide a better first impression. Your website might be someone’s first encounter with your company.
  • Encourage prospective customers to get in touch. You’ve had experiences with websites that were frustratingly difficult to use, to find out whether the company offers the product or service you need or provides easy information on how to get in touch with them!

Your customers are important to you.  They are the lifeblood of your company!

Getting just a couple more customers per year would more than cover the investment in a great website that meets these criteria.

Click the red “Get Started Today!” button, shoot me an email @ [email protected] or give me a call at 612-930-2072 and let’s get started on a website you can be proud of!

   Featured Website Case Study

Wings of the North

"The Wings of the North website is going to be very instrumental as we move forward to raising money, telling people what we have going on, and to have people sign up. We are expecting our museum activities to start increasing."

Cary Pao
Outreach Group Lead

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