Refer Us To Your Aviation Friends

In return, we will make a donation to an aviation history nonprofit on your behalf.

One thing we enjoy is helping aviation businesses build a web presence that is On Point! We also enjoy giving back to the aviation community. We especially enjoy working with aviation nonprofits that preserve aviation history for future generations.

Qualified Referrals

For each lead that becomes a client and fits these criteria, we will donate $200 on behalf of the person who referred us. The person that referred Trinity Aviation Solutions can choose which nonprofit that is to receive the $200 donation.

  • The client must be new to Trinity Aviation Solutions.
  • The website project must be aviation-related.
  • The client must hire us.
  • The client must spend at least $2,000 on the web design portion of a website project.
  • Web design projects (not including copywriting and graphic design services) start at $2,000.
  • The client must be located in the United States and preferably located in the Upper Midwest. 
  • If two people refer the same client; the client picks between the nonprofits selected by those who referred them.

At the very least the person giving a referral must have brought up Trinity Aviation Solutions and what we do in a conversation with the client/lead. Ideally, we would receive a call from the client/lead requesting a consultation. Below we have provided a form for people giving out referrals to fill out. The purpose of this form is to capture leads and to record which nonprofit we need to send the donations to.

Click To Download Our Web Design Referral Brochure

Print off the brochure and share it with your aviation friends. 

Aviation nonprofits... share this with your supporters. 

Referral Form

Please fill out this form for each referral you have given.

TAS Referral Form

Please fill in the contact info for the person you are referring to us. Please be complete as possible but the name, email address, and business name or website is sufficient.

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