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Take the headache out of maintaining your aviation website. Choose a service plan that best fits your needs.
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Aviation website hosting you can count on!

As an aviation business owner, you work long hours to ensure your business runs smoothly. You depend on utilities and vendors to ensure you can serve your customers. Website hosting is like the electricity in your office or hangar. You never think about it, until something goes wrong!

But when it does, you want to talk to a real person who really cares about you and your business. And that person needs to have the skills and tools to get the problem fixed quickly.

With most large, low-cost hosting providers, it can be days or weeks before they get around to LOOKING at a problem on your website. Some problems they won’t fix. Some they WILL fix, but they’ll charge you extra. In any case, your site remains broken or disfigured for weeks or even months, making visitors wonder if you’re still in business, or if the rest of your operation is the disarray demonstrated by your website.

Trinity Aviation Solutions’ comprehensive Website Service Plans for WordPress websites will give you peace of mind knowing that your website is properly maintained by professionals for one predictable flat rate. If problems arise due to malware, hacking, or an update that breaks your site, we will get your website back online with little downtime for no extra charge!

And we will be there to answer your questions.

All Website Hosting & Service Plans Include:

Cloud Hosting

  • Up to 25,000 Monthly Visits
  • 5 GB of Disk Storage
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)

The foundation of any website is web hosting. Cut-rate hosting can lead to a myriad of issues. The cloud hosting we use will help ensure your website loads quickly, emails sent through contact forms are delivered, and minimizes the risk of malware infection or hacking.

What is a visit? It is bound to be asked… so here is the answer: A visit is a unique IP address in a 24 hour period. This is a soft limit, we will never shut off your site if you go over. Additional Monthly Visits and Disk Storage can be added. Contact us for more information.

WordPress Updates

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Plugin Updates
WordPress powers roughly 32% of the world’s websites. It is supported by scores of developers who contribute their expertise. WordPress is regularly updated to keep pace with the changes in web technology and to patch vulnerabilities that are discovered.

We will handle updating the WordPress core, theme and plugins on your site to ensure your site stays secure. If any of the updates break your site, we will restore your site from a recent backup, diagnose what is breaking your site, update whatever we can, and contact you with our recommendations. All free of charge!


Website Security

  • Nightly Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Security Scans
  • Hack Cleanup
For all the precautions we take, we still plan for the worst. If your website is hacked, we will fix it. Regularly scheduled backups will help us get your website back online quickly.

Included with all our hosting packages is an SSL certificate. A SSL certificate encrypts communication between the visitor’s computer and the server where your website is hosted. Not only does this provide privacy for visitors to your site but is also a Google search ranking factor.


  • Email Support
  • Monthly Client Report

Email Support includes support for bug fixes, WordPress + Divi questions, and theme + plugin updates.

Monthly client reports will be emailed directly to you. The client report includes a summary of maintenance & updates, an analytics report, a security report, and an uptime monitoring report.

Hosting & Service Plans

* Base hosting and service plans are for websites with basic functionality only. Websites that have advanced functionality like eCommerce require more care and attention to ensure they function optimally. Contact us for a custom pricing for websites with advanced functionality.

** The Full-Service Plan (Yearly) includes a 4-hour block of time that is to be used within the year of purchase. As a bonus, receive a 10% discount off of our hourly rate! These discounts and time blocks can be used towards any in-house services (excluding services provided by Aviation Business Consultants).

Discounts are available for aviation non-profits. Contact us for details.