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We take great pride in creating an “On Point” web presence for each client.
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Trinity Aviation Solutions (You can call us TAS!) is a full-service, Minnesota web design agency.

We help aviation companies more effectively find and serve customers by helping them design, build and maintain great websites.

We specialize in designing, building and maintaining customer-centered websites for Minnesota FBOs, flight schools, and maintenance and repair stations.

We work with aviation companies outside the local area as well, but our knowledge of the area and ability to work with clients in person makes us the ideal choice for people in the Twin Cities area.

Who is Trinity Aviation Solutions?

We’re small enough to take your job very, very seriously! If you have experience working with a large design agency, you’ve probably experienced being handed off from a salesperson to the account manager, who doesn’t let you talk to the designer directly. This can result in a LOT of repeated conversations, misunderstandings and frustration.

With Trinity Aviation Solutions, you talk personally with the principals of the company who has the power and responsibility to make promises and deliver on them.

Web Specialties:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Website Service Plans
  • GSuite Setup (including Google products such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google My Business )
  • Social Media Consulting

We Build These Types of Websites:

  • Brochure Websites
  • Business Profile Websites
  • News & Media Websites
  • Forum Websites
  • Membership Websites
  • E-commerce Websites 
  • Personal Blog Websites
  • Professional CV Websites
  • Portfolio sites for airshow professionals
  • Portfolio sites for aviation celebrities and speakers
  • And more!

Meet The TAS Team

John Chvatal Founder Of Trinity Aviation Solutions

John Chvatal

Founder/Web Strategist

John grew up on a private airstrip surrounded by aviation-minded family and friends. This led him to a desire a career that involved aviation in some form. Throughout his teen years, he was drawn like a magnet to computer technology.

After founding Gazing Skyward TV to share his love of aviation history with others, he realized his passion for making computer technology work for the betterment of the aviation community; specifically in the area of digital media.

John founded Trinity Aviation Solutions in 2019 as a Minnesota aviation web design agency after seeing local business owners suffer from frustration and lost business due to poor website design and poor technical execution.

Paul Tsviklist - Senior Graphic Designer

Paul Tsviklist

Senior Graphic Designer
Paul joined Trinity Aviation Solutions from the day of its foundation as a leading specialist in graphic design after more than five years of solid and versatile experience in the latest tools and techniques of  graphic design. 
Throughout his life, including his previous career as automation engineer, Paul has always kept his love for design and illustration since his youth. This passion has led to many of the major and exciting changes in his life, including becoming the lead designer in an Australian business consultancy.
Paul tries hard to make the world a better place by creating aesthetically pleasing and highly professional design.  Paul is obsessed with providing his clients with great value by putting a lot of thought into his every work.

Our Partners

Working with trusted partners helps us offer more comprehensive marketing services to our clients!

Aviation Business Consultants International

ABCI writes compelling sales copy. Various aviation content and writing packages available!  ABCI also hosts a group of Aviation Sales and Marketing Professionals on LinkedIn.  Join us HERE

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